A Boring Obligatory Bio

Fear can be an incredibly powerful motivator... or un-motivator, as the case was with me. I spent much of my teens and twenties fighting fear instead of living life. It was not until I understood that I was my own worst enemy, and that God is much bigger than all my fears could I begin to grasp the truth. Fear is a actually the sword that Satan uses to try to separate me from God. Yet as long as I trust in Him, I am free and safe, and I am exactly what He meant me to be.

Adventure and suspense are the spice to every story that I write, but I'm also overwhelmed by God's creativity and vast love. I want to share with you fantastical and adventurous literature that also shows the value of living a God-glorifying life.

Besides writing, I enjoy the occasional Star Wars Expanded Universe novel, Arthurian and Celtic mythology, Reformed theology, critters of all shapes and sizes, coffee and tea, and the great Michigan outdoors. There are three cats in my household, but Jemma is my purr baby (you can follow her on Instagram #jemmananigans). In all the moments in-between work and writing, I also enjoy gardening and crochet.

Three Things I believe:
1. I believe in Jesus Christ, the third person of the Holy Trinity, as my personal Savior and Lord.
2. I believe we are each given unique spiritual gifts that can be used for His glory.
3. I believe that creative writing can be God-glorifying and edifying, be not just "fun." Literature can serve a greater purpose: to inspire others to make Godly choices and model themselves after uprightness.

Look up and be brave, little ink lizards, and rest warm at His feet.

Some of my favorite books...
















Some of my favorite movies and TV shows...     


Lord of the Rings


Star Wars

The Waltons



The Mentalist

Camp NaNoWriMo 2018

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